Trendy Hats And How To Wear Them

trendy hats

The beginning of December is a perfect time to talk about hats. Some women ignore this piece of clothing but for no good reason! A hat is not only a good way to stay warm during the coldest time of the year but it also can become a super trendy accent to your outfit. Read this post and learn how to wear hats this season.

Beanie Hats

Let’s start with a well-known “beanie hat” which has reached all the fashion shows this winter. It is not only trendy but also very comfortable and has plenty of various forms that will suit practically any outfit. A beanie can be simple and neat, oversized and made of thick yarn, sporty, with or without lapel… Choose whatever you like!

But the main question is what to wear with such a hat. The right clothes can turn a beanie into the key item of your look.

Here you can wear it 2 ways. The first is to pick an outstanding beanie of any form or size and wear it with a very special look on your face which says, “Hey! This is me and I’m really cool”.  

The second option is to wear a beanie out with a nice casual outfit. There is a good rule to be follow: combine a small beanie with “bulky” clothes such as a warm down jacket or a fur coat and an oversized hat – with a neat coat or a leather jacket.

The safest option is a beanie (or even any other hat) made of angora. The more decoration or ornaments on it, the better.




Now let’s move to berets. Berets have gotten a new breathe of fashion life this season. Put on a light or an openwork knit beret and it will become a gorgeous accessory to an evening dress.

As for street outfits, you’d better stop combining classic woolen berets with womanly coats and try men’s clothes such as pea or jacket coats instead. If you want a classic outfit, prettify it with an untraditional beret made of fur, ornamented or oversized.


On really cold days you can surprise everybody with an “ushanka” (a fur hat with earflaps) – this season it is a must! Such a hat is best with a smooth coat but it will also suit practically any other warm outerwear.

Of course, there are plenty of other options to wear on your head, just explore your imagination and don’t be afraid of making some changes to your regular outfit.

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