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  • DIY Feet Detox

    foot care

    Healthy feet doesn’t mean only well groomed feet and manicured toe nails. Healthy feet means detoxification, which besides that gives rest and freshness to your legs, it also helps you to clear the organism from toxins. Your body can also be cleaned in a natural if you use the foot pads that are made from […]

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  • The Best Essential Oils You Must Have

    essential oils

    Essential oils are an amazing gift of nature with substantially astonishing properties and purposes much more than giving off an enamoring fragrance which makes the ambiance of your home or bathroom enticing. Among the other properties, essential oils which are basically concentrated oils from spices, herbs and other plants exhibit astounding healing properties which certainly […]

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  • Homemade Facial Masks

    homemade facial masks

    @photo Nurturing your skin is a very important segment of your beauty and your health. Besides creams and serums, face masks are the best friend of the skin. The thing that can frustrate you while choosing the mask is its price or simply a lack of information about what kind of mask you need. Instead […]

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  • Eating for Clear Skin


    @photo Delicious foods that are also good for your skin? Add these items to your shopping list pronto! Zap Zits With Zinc Oysters, crab, and other lean sources of protein contain Zinc, which can help to sooth irritated skin as well as help reduce the amount of oil your facial skin produces. This can cut […]

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  • Your At-Home Spa is in Your Kitchen


      We bet you won’t even need a shopping list for these at-home spa treatments because they require simple pantry staples. With some citrus, avocado, and coffee, you can get wonderful facial masks, manicure-worthy nailbeds, body scrubs, and scalp treatments. Squeeze Some Citrus Lemons take center stage in these spa treatments that you can whip […]