5 Famous People on Paleo Diet



Thinking of going paleo? Get ready to drop the carbs and added sugars! If you want some inspiration, check out these celebs who achieved fabulous results!

1. Jack Osbourne

Jack Osbourne

After Jack was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012 (he was just 26 at the time), he decided to give his diet a major transformation. That meant that he focused on eating mostly fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. Since Jack wanted to eat to improve his MS symptoms, he eliminated foods containing gluten, dairy, and most grains. Jack is still practicing his new diet, and he has shed some extra pounds, managed his symptoms, and maintained a new positive perspective on life.

2. Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

New mom Jessica started eating a strict paleo diet while enjoying several sessions of CrossFit every week. The results have been incredible. Even after giving birth to a baby boy, Jessica can still flaunt an amazingly hot body. Jessica sticks to fresh produce and meats primarily, while incorporating healthy fats into her diet. Processed and starchy carbs are a no-no for her!

3. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

A couple of years back, Anne tried out the vegan diet, and she was quite religious about it. She even had a strict vegan menu for her wedding reception. However, she noticed that she could barely make it through the day without feeling as if she had to pass out. Recognizing that she needed a change, Anne started incorporating some grains and meat into her diet. She felt better almost instantly and has since adopted the paleo diet.

4. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

When Christina made her debut appearance on a new season of The Voice, she looked way thinner and toned. What did she do for such dramatic results? According to the singer, she adopted the paleo diet. First she started by cutting down on the boozy drinks, and she also made sure to watch her carb intake while bulking up on fruits, veggies, protein, and healthy fats. It worked wonders for her, helping to give the paleo diet some more positive exposure.

5. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

When it comes to professional sports, Kobe was one of the first players in the NBA to go paleo. When the basketball star was sidelined by an injury to his Achilles tendon, he was nervous that his NBA career would be over. He wanted a speedy recovery, so he switched to the paleo diet after getting some insight from his doctor. Kobe cut out processed foods laden with refined carbs and added sugars. He stuck to lean organic protein and lowered his carb intake. Kobe made a full recovery and was able to keep playing in games. He attributes much of this to his dietary choices.

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