6 Secrets of Japanese Girls to Stay Slim


Japanese women are considered to be among the most beautiful women on Earth. In their 30s they look as if they are 20, in their 40s – as if they are 25. Moreover, their life expectancy is higher than in any other country. So, we decided to find out what their secrets are and what kind of lifestyle they have to stay healthy and slim.


Diversified and well-balanced diet

Despite the fact that many people think that sushi is the only thing that the Japanese eat, their daily meals consist of diverse products, such as fish, seaweeds, vegetables, soybeans, rice, fruits and green tea. Furthermore, they eat practically no high-calorie and fatty foods. The Japanese pay much attention to the freshness of the products they eat and whether they match the season. Usually, they eat the products that grow exactly during the current time of the year. The way of cooking also depends on the weather: for example, in winter they usually eat meat and fish as well as hot soups and drinks, and in summer they prefer cold soups, seafood, cold noodles and various salads.

japanese food


Special ways of cooking food

Here are the most common ways of cooking for the Japanese: braising, grilling, steaming and roasting on a special pan with a very little amount of oil. A vegetable broth is often served as a main course. Apart from that, Japanese women are very careful with spices, which is good for their digestion and also brings out the natural taste of food.


Eating habits

Having a meal in Japan resembles a ritual: the Japanese take their time to eat and use tiny dishes, helpings are very small and food is always sliced into pieces. There are hardly any food decorations and products are not mixed (there is a separate plate for each).


Using rice instead of bread

The Japanese eat rice practically during every meal. They don’t add salt or oil in it, which makes their meals healthier.



Eating more for breakfast

The Japanese are used to eating a lot for breakfast. Usually, there are several courses, such as fish, rice, scrambled eggs, miso soup, soybeans with vegetables, seaweeds, and tea.


No sweets for dessert

People hardly ever have dessert in Japan. Besides, a Japanese dessert is very different from an American or a European one – no cakes, cream or chocolate. Even ice-cream is made of rice! Usually, it is low-fat, not very sweet and may be not very tasty for us, but leaves no chances to put on weight.

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