Mediterranean Diet And All You Need to Know to Enjoy it

Mediterranean Diet


In pursuit of perfect bodies, people sometimes are ready to try literally everything – the latest pills, sophisticated exercises and all kinds of crash diets. But can a hungry exhausted person be happy and, and – most importantly – healthy? We doubt it.

If you aren’t looking for a quick weight-loss fix, but a reasonable and balanced meal plan, there is the Mediterranean diet, based on delicious traditional cuisine of the Mediterranean coast.

One of the positive things about the Mediterranean diet is that it allows a lot of variety. It is not as restrictive as popular low-carbs diets, that is why it may seem easier to follow. You are welcome to eat whole-grain bread and grains, legumes and beans, nuts and seeds, various fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices. This diet allows fish and poultry intake, and does not prohibit a daily glass of red wine. However, it cuts down on the amount of red meat, trans fats, saturated fats and sugar, and dairy is limited to white yogurt and pretty moderate amounts of cheese. So generally it covers all the major food types, which makes it easier to adhere to.

It goes without saying that the the Mediterranean diet is beneficial for your heart, cardiovascular system, skin and spirits. Due to the large amount of produce, it provides you with plenty of antioxidants, which are absolutely necessary to protect your body cells from free radicals and to help you look and feel young. And in long-term perspective it has a positive effect on weight.

Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? Perhaps, the question you’re asking yourself right now is “why am I still not on this Mediterranean diet?”. Well, besides the evident advantages there are a few things to consider.

Mediterranean Diet cons and pros

Eating healthy balanced food is just a half of the equation. The other half is active living, otherwise you run a risk of getting the same overload of calories, but from healthy food. Nobody can have a healthy heart just eating seafood and veggies while lying on a couch. Fresh-looking skin is possible without hours outdoors. The Mediterranean diet means balance not only in terms of meals – it means balance in general.

It’s definitely easy to eat nuts, shrimps and apples, but this won’t work if you just add healthy food to the unhealthy ones. The Mediterranean diet lets you have all those tasty salads, but your old burger-and-fries habits should die too, and that may be harder than expected.

Don’t get misled with the nuts and olive oil permission – their amounts should be reasonable, since too many “good” fats will hardly result in a flat belly and healthy blood-vessels. Just remember that olive oil is tone of he most calorie-dense products, and do not expect immediate weight loss.

When on the Mediterranean diet, you should watch your calcium intake, since dairy is almost excluded from your daily menu.
A glass of wine, which looks so attractive in the diet description, is far from harmless. If you are suffering, for example, from heart diseases, this part of the Mediterranean diet is not for you. Besides, alcohol intake requires constant serious self-control, otherwise this single glass inconspicuously turns into three.

Finally, mind the money question. Seafood is expensive, if you don’t live by the sea.
And still this diet is worth trying. Besides health benefits, it will bring one very special thing into your life – full-flavored and rich in foods, and it will teach you to enjoy every bite of food and every moment of life.

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