5 Ways To Entertain Kids on Winter Holidays

activities with childern

If you have kids of school age, they can tell you what the best part of winter is – the winter holidays! But these long-anticipated days will not be as awesome as children expect if you don’t plan interesting activities ahead of time. Snowball fights are fun, but nobody enjoys throwing snowballs every day, all day long. Besides, it can be too cold, too windy, there can be too little snow, etc. So let’s consider other ways to entertain kids on winter holidays – and have fun ourselves!

1. Home bakery

If your kids are old enough to work with dough, show them how to make some simple cookies or cupcakes, and provide them with all kinds of icing, sprinkles and other things they could use for decorating. Let them use their imagination! Of course they’ll eat some of their creations right away, but the rest can be proudly displayed and given as a gift to the grandparents. There’s hardly a better way to make the whole family happy!

2. DIY

One of the best things about the Internet is that one can find hundreds of DIY tutorials as well as arts and crafts ideas. Ribbons, glue, beads, paints and glitter won’t break the bank, if you buy them not as a pre-arranged set for some specific DIY item, but purchase them as separate goods. On the other hand, for small kids it is easier to follow the instructions from arts and crafts sets and get the guaranteed result. Let them do something they can hang on the wall or put on the shelf in their room – it will let them feel that they created their room interior with their own hands.

3. Feed the Birds

winter fun for kids

Children may not feel like going out if you suggest just a walk in the park, but feeding birds changes things! Discuss what birds can eat, prepare some bird feed (check out some recipes on the Internet) and head out to help the hungry little creatures! By the way, try to identify the birds that get attracted with the feed you bring. Or be superheroes and make a bird feeder.

4. Movie marathon

Think back when you last had a chance to watch a movie or two together. Winter holidays is the best time for that! Buy or cook some snacks or hot finger foods, decide on the movie, put on your pajamas and watch it all together. Why try a movie marathon? You can do it every night of the holidays. Let everyone choose a movie, and watch then all, one movie per night. Perfect!

5. Play board games

You can find dozens of new board games in stores nowadays, but we’d recommend you opt for good old Monopoly, Scrabble, UNO and similar games you are familiar with. Teach your kids the rules, help them to win and to take a loss, and show them that the main thing about games is having fun! 
We bet next year you’ll be looking forward to the winter holidays more than your children.

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