8 Things Running Can Change in Us


Most of you have probably heard a lot about fitness benefits. But what kind of exercises should you choose when there are so many options? Some prefer powerlifting, others go for crossfit, some promote yoga… We vote for running! And we have at least eight reasons for that.

1. While running you are improving your mood

Have you ever noticed that your emotional and physical state changes when you run? Try it and you will see that that you will be in very high spirits after this kind of activity.

2. Running affects your working ability in a positive way

After a good run you may feel that your brain is clear and ready to gain new information. Moreover, if you get used to running in the morning, you will soon notice great changes in the way you work – you will be able to do much more useful things during the daytime and make progress in your job.

3. You become more positive after running

You will find that most of the little problems do not bother you anymore. While running you will probably find a way to solve them or just realise that all of them are not worth worrying about. Wonderful, isn’t it? But researchers have already managed to explain everything in a scientific way: cardio activities affect our cognitive clarity and emotional well-being.

4. Running changes the way you look

In 5-6 days of systematic running you will see a truly different person in the mirror with a healthy complexion, good-looking figure and a smile. Your friends and colleagues will also notice the changes and begin to smile back at you more often.


5. Running helps to get rid of tiredness

Sometimes you feel that you are completely unable to do any more work because you are too tired, especially at the end of the year, right? Would you like to forget about such a feeling? Running is a perfect solution for you to become fresh and full of energy again!

6. Running can recover your neurons

The majority of people think that neurons cannot be recovered which means the more we feel nervous, the more neurons we lose, and when we grow old we risk destroying our nervous system completely. But this statement has recently been proven wrong by scientists – new neurons can be produced by our organism but it happens only under certain physical conditions. Vigorous aerobic exercises are the best way to stay mentally healthy throughout our entire life. Note that scientist recommend exercising until you sweat for the new brain cells to be born – and that is no less than 30-40 minutes.

7. You can reduce the negative effects of stress

It’s no surprise that stress affects our health in a very negative way. Some serious diseases can be caused by stress alone, so, we really have to pay much attention to our mental state, especially during the hard periods of our life. A special study was conducted when two groups of people were shown a very sad movie: the members of the first group hadn’t done any physical exercises and the members of the second group had been asked to do a 30-minute jog before the experiment. Those who had run recovered from their sad emotional experience much faster.

8. Running improves your memory capacity

There is an obvious connection between our cognitive function and aerobic exercise. Some experiments using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) proved that people who do some everyday running are more successful in various working memory tasks. So, if you want to be able to remember more, run!

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