Common Habits That Damage Your Kidney

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A human body is a network of interconnected components we refer to as organs and maintaining the health of every organ is the secret to leading a healthy life. Among the most crucial organs are our kidneys. Not only do they neutralize acids in our system, extirpate toxins, make urine but they also absorb minerals, produce hormones and filter our blood. One of the reasons that you need to be really careful about your kidneys is that kidney diseases are silent diseases because of the fact that our kidneys are capable of doing their work even while running at 20% capacity and that is why kidney diseases are hard to detect and can do on for years unless they have causes substantial damage to a kidney. Knowing the perilous outcomes of being careless about your kidneys, one should know what common habits we people usually possess that can cause such damage. Below mentioned are the habits you should avoid or get rid of in order to keep your kidneys healthy.

1. Inadequate Water Intake

We all have heard that one should drink at least 2 liters of water per day or more but what’s the reason behind that? Well your kidney’s primary job is to annihilate the toxins in your blood and useless minerals which means filtering your blood. When there is shortage of water in your system, these waste minerals and toxins start to gather in your kidney hence causing serious damage.

2. Salt, Sugar and Coffee are Not Friends

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Researchers have found that both salt and sugar can be pernicious for your kidneys. Our body requires sodium for which we consume salt but most of us consume excessive salt which results in increased blood pressure which strains your kidneys. While on the other hand, excessive use of sugar in your diet results in protein in your urine which is an indication that your kidneys aren’t performing their job the way they should be. Just the same as salt, caffeine can attribute to a raise in blood pressure which stresses your kidneys.

3. Lack of Minerals and Vitamins

We all know that having a diet which involves fresh fruits and vegetables can help you achieve a sublime health state and also protect your kidneys. Lack of some critical vitamins and minerals can increase the risk of kidney diseases and kidney stones. Vitamin B6 and magnesium are super important for your kidney so ensure that you intake a substantial amount of both of these.

4. Alcohol Abuse

Although it’s safe to enjoy a glass of wine or beer now and then but the problem is we don’t stop just after one drink. Abuse of alcohol can not only lead to liver problems but kidney diseases as well. Alcohol is a toxin which also strains your kidneys along with your liver.
To avoid kidney problems and to stay healthy, it’s important to eat well and keeping the above facts in mind should help you avoid these habits which will result in healthy kidneys and you will feel the change yourself.

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