Habits That Harm Your Gut

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Gut health has been found to be the primary cause of diseases that you might be affected with. The germs and bacteria that are present in our gut aren’t harmful for us, instead they are really valuable and make up what’s called the microbiome. Doctors will now recommend microbiome diversity for better lifestyle and well-being because your microbes will supply the vitamins and energy that you need. The microbiome is directly linked with your brain and immune system, which leads to the fact that gut health is the main factor that determines your health. There are things that are harmful for your gut, while there are things that are beneficial. Let’s take a look at what is harmful, so that you avoid it.


We are prescribed antibiotics to help fight diseases but they kill all the bacteria in our body in order to fight the disease. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take antibiotics. We need to use antibiotics in certain cases where nothing else is going to work, but we have to use them sagaciously. You should put your efforts into restoring gut bacteria if you take antibiotics.

Taking a Lot of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are not good for your gut if they are taken in high amounts. Sure, they are really great for your health and deliver most of the energy that you require, but nothing is good if it’s overused. You will have to maintain your carbohydrate intake to a normal level in order to keep a good gut health.


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Taking a lot of stress is going to harm your gut because when we are stressing, we don’t get the normal amount of blood in our digestive tract because the blood goes away to our vital organs in order to fight stress. A lack of blood in the digestive tract means that we won’t be able to carry out digestive tasks normally, which is harmful to the gut.

Excessive Sanitizing

If you are one of those people who hate germs and use sanitizers or antibacterial products all the time, you are doing a lot of harm to your gut health. Sanitizing isn’t a bad thing, but if you are using it excessively, then you might also be killing the bacteria that are vital to gut health.

Alcohol and Smoking

It’s of no surprise that smoking and alcohol aren’t good for your gut health. They have other general harmful effect as well as damaging the bacteria that is present in your gut. Therefore, they should be wholly excluded from your shopping list.

While these are the main habits that damage our gut health, there are some other things that we should avoid such as taking a poor diet, drinking a lot of beverages, skipping breakfast, not eating fermented foods and taking high calorie diets. If you keep your gut happy and healthy, you are less prone to diseases.

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