Decorate Your Kitchen Like a Pro!

how to decorate kitchen

Have you ever wanted to have a degree in interior design? Have you ever been in the situation to enter someone’s home and fall in love with it at first sight, and to wish that your own place was looking so perfect? Here’s your opportunity to achieve these two things. The kitchen is part of the home in which (un)consciously we spend a lot of time, right? Not only that we prepare your favorite meals there, but we also have chit chats or we read a book and sit by the window. So, to create this warm atmosphere, why wouldn’t you try to renew and decorate the space where you spend few hours a day?

The unwritten rule “Happiness lies in small things” will surely help you in this innovative adventure. First, specify your budget and plan your shopping list. Don’t add robust or miniature details, nor new kitchen furniture on the list, because this will only take your time and money.  Instead, get the best of simplicity and use lines, colors, forms, details and space to make your kitchen shine.

Don’t exaggerate

As we already said, simplicity leads to great things. Choose which creative weapon are you going to use: is that your favorite color, some cool wallpaper or a surprisingly different style of yours? Whatever you plan to utilize, keep it plain.

Lines, forms and space

Learn how to play with lines; they can give the space a special effect. For example, if your kitchen is small, use horizontal lines, because they make the space appear longer or wider. Avoid vertical lines, unless you think you’ll feel comfortable in a “formal” or rich with clean lines atmosphere (vertical lines are used for designing churches, formal dining rooms and performing areas). If your kitchen and dining room are merged, lines could help you create a cozy and pleasant space. Round table and chairs with sharp lines will give effect to balanced and organized space.


kitchen interior


Use them wisely – even if you like colorful patterns and wallpapers, don’t put them everywhere. Choose a focal point and make it become the aesthetic heaven of your kitchen. For example, if a pale color dominates in your dining room/kitchen, use some contrast colors that will bring life in this area (combine white or beige furniture with green and/or gold shade of yellow details).


What makes one space easily exceptional are the details. You can decorate your kitchen with food pictures or quotes. Give the area a “here stood a professional designer” look; use nice and unique dishes, cover the windows with some inventive drapery or decorate just one small part of the wall with interesting wallpapers. Give freshness to your old kitchen with an elegant vase and wildflowers.

Feel free to express your ideas in your own home. Spice up the kitchen!

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