Open Gas Burners VS Sealed Gas Burners

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Almost all of us have to deal with a kitchen in our everyday life and someone who spends a lot of their time in kitchen realises that not only the contents of your shopping list and your appliances matter, but their specifications and features can either make life a lot easier or harder depending upon your needs and usage. One of the most used appliances in the kitchen is a burner since you require heat to cook everything. If you have been planning to buy or replace your old burner, you must be wondering which one’s best for you. In order to conclude that, you need to understand the two most basic types of burners and their pros and cons.

Open Burners

An open burner, as the name already depicts has its components exposed to the environment which gives them their own advantages and disadvantages.

There are more than a few advantages of owning an open burner. As stated above, an open burner has its components exposed to the environment which means air has easy access providing the gas (fuel) and flame with oxygen. This particular quality of open burner makes it quite eminent among the professional chefs as they feel it allows them more control over their cooking like the ability to simmer at lower temperatures. Another nice advantage of this burner is that it’s a lot more efficient than sealed burners.

One of the worst consequences of owning open burner is the hectic and tedious cleaning process. While cooking, if something spills or boils and falls on the burner then it must be dismembered and cleaned as soon as possible because if that task is procrastinated, the heat produced might make the stain permanent ruining its look. There is also a risk that you might drop something that might fall into the open flame and get burnt.

Sealed Burners

sealed gas burner

A sealed burner basically contains a seal that is placed in between the burner and the frame of the stove. As its name sounds, the seal prevents any direct contact between the flames and the environment, rather it has a ceramic surface which not only makes these stoves beautiful but easy to clean as well.

Sealed burners can be found both in residential kitchens and professional kitchens as well because they don’t only add to all over aesthetic of a kitchen but they are also not that bad when compared to open burners. These burners are also very easy to clean which makes them a perfect choice for someone who might not have the time to clean the stovetop after every cooking.

As mentioned above, sealed burners have a ceramic top and this excess components also make it expensive but ceramic is also prone to breaking if something heavy falls on it. Some people state that their heating is quite uneven on the sealed surface which makes them inefficient. Also, after long periods of usage, burn rings may start to form around the ceramic surface which can be prevented by adequate cleaning.

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