10 Valentine’s Day Unique Gift Ideas For Her

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming! You know well, it’s one of the most important day of the year for many women. Looking for an incredible and unique gift for your beloved? She is special and definitely needs all your love and tenderness on that day and always. Don’t be banal, the box of chocolates is not the best present. Our Valentine’s Day unique gift guide for her is waiting for bringing you fresh ideas.

We hope you’ll find the perfect gift here, and your sweetheart will appreciate it!

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Matching Couples Bracelets (US$49.50)

Let her know you will love her Forever and Always with personalized hand-stamped leather matching couples bracelets. She’ll like the bracelet just because you are supposed to wear the second one!

Matching couples bracelets

Personalized Inscribed Locket (US$30.00)

A small vintage brass locket may reveal a hidden, hand-stamped inscription you want her to read, it also has a space for a photo, flower petal, or other small keepsake.

Inscribed Locket

Engraved Compass (US$35.00+)

She will never lose her way to you! This personalized brass compass would make a great gift for your loved one. Everything you want to tell her may be engraved inside.

Personalized compass

“You’re my Person” Scented Soy Candle (US$14.00)

Whisper “You’re my person” presenting her this candle, hand poured and scented with your choice of fragrance from the shop! The lid can be customized with any name or short sentence.

handmade candle

Handmade Pillow With Removable Cover (US$50.00)

With these pretty pillows she will never forget to kiss you goodnight! Besides, they have non-allergenic insert. Wish you both have sweet dreams!

Handmade Pillow

Jewelry Dish (US$15.00+)

If you have found the one whom your soul loves, give her this jewelry dish. Remember not to leave it empty!

jewelry dish

Message In a Bottle (US$25.65+)

Are you creative enough to say “I love you” in different ways… 101 times? This is a special unique bottle of love containing 101 messages to your beloved. You can also add your own special messages.

101 messages

Book Sculpture (US$45.00+)

This book sculpture is great as a gift for Valentine’s Day. It is made by carefully folding the individual pages of a book to spell the words or initials you want her to remember.

Book Sculpture

Heart-shaped Necklace (US$45.00+)

Another extraordinary idea is your actual fingerprints heart-shaped necklace for her with your personal handwriting engraved. What could be more intimate?

heart-shaped necklace

Handmade Black Leather Ring (US$38.00)

Surprise your sweetheart with this gorgeous handmade black leather ring. “Forever Yours” is engraved on the heart-shaped charm. The accompanying glittering Swarovski crystals are available in various colors, and you may chose her favourite one.

handmade leather ring

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