10 Top Tips That Helped us Survive This Winter

winter tips

Winter was giving us hard times, but fortunately it is almost over. But we should say it was not in vain – we have found at least 10 ways to outsmart the cold times! Let’s look back to what we’ve learned do to cope with winter travails.

1. Eat all these 10 veggies

10 Vegetables That Are Even Healthier Than You Think
When choosing the vegetables for everyday meals, pick up the healthiest ones. You’ll be surprised by the nutrition some of the most humble produce.

2. Start your car, no matter how cold it is

What To Do If Your Car Won't Start In The Cold
The weather outside is frightful, but driving is still delightful. So wipe the snow off your car and let it start, let it start, let it start!

3. Treat colds and flu naturally

8 Tips to Treat Colds and Flu the Natural Way
Take care of your health and give no change to winter diseases! WebMD explores some home remedies that may help you feel better along the way.

4. Stay fit

7 little low-effort ways to stay fit this winter
The dark evenings make it difficult to make ourselves head out for a run or workout, but pro trainers eagerly share their best strategies for staying fit through the coldest time of year.

5. Learn to cope with boredom of long winter nights

6 Tips for Coping with Boredom
It’s too cold to go out, but sooo boring to stay home! Don’t waste your time on nagging and take a professional approach to fighting your winter blues.

6. Pack your suitcase and travel

The Best Way to Pack a Suitcase
Roll softer garments, fold stiffer ones and run away from winter with your staff properly packed.

7. Prevent your wiper blades from getting frozen to your windshield

5 Clever Car Tricks for Winter
All you need is a drop of whiskey – not for you, but for your car.

8. Feeling cold? Have a cup of tea with good honey

Buying Local Honey: What You Need to Know
We mean, really good honey. With these tips you’ll be able to buy the best one.

9. Protect Your Garden from Frost and Freeze

 How to Protect Your Garden from Frost and Freeze
One of the biggest worries of gardeners is the threat of freezing weather and frosts that can harm or kill plants and damage crops. Here’s how to protect tender plants from freezing temperatures.

10. Finally, sneeze like a Pro!

The best way to cover your sneeze
Test out the best way to catch a sneeze!

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