7 Tips For Organising a Frugal New Year’s Party

New Year Party

Planning a New Year’s party at your place? Let’s see how to make it fun, but frugal. Our 7 tips will help you make your guests happy and save you some money, which you can wisely spend next year.

1. Bring what you’ll drink!

That’s probably the second thing you should say to your friends right after inviting them to your party. Drinks cost a lot, and you’ll hardly be able to provide enough good alcohol if you buy it all yourself. You can buy enough of something ordinary – but wouldn’t it be better for everyone to celebrate the New Year with a glass of some perfect drink? So don’t hesitate to tell your guests that everyone is expected to bring a bottle.

2. Besides drinks, your guests can bring (or do) something else

Never reject help. Your friends suggest bringing a cake or a salad? Great! They say they have a cool board game? Let them bring it too! Or perhaps they don’t mind giving you a hand with cooking and decorating? There is no reason why you’d not accept it!

3. Invite just a few

More people does not necessarily mean much fun. You can have a great party with a few best friends. In good company where everybody knows each other you and your guests will feel more relaxed, and you will definitely enjoy such a private party more than a large crowd of random people you hardly know.

4. Snacks instead of dishes

If slaving at the oven is not your idea of fun, cook some snacks and desserts instead of the main course. Mini pizzas and cheese are cheaper than roasted meat. Besides, light salads and canapés will help you to stay active all night long, while hearty rich dishes will make you sleepy.

5. Decorate on a budget

New Year Eve

When buying lights, wreaths and candles, remember, that you use them just a few days a year. It hardly makes sense to invest much in New Year’s decorations. Most probably you’ll find all you need in dollar store.

6. Save on tableware and cutlery

If you have a dishwasher, there is no need to buy plastic or paper plates and forks. Your regular plates, glasses and silverware look better anyway, and putting them into the dishwasher will take approximately the same time as collecting the paper items after the party all over the place.

7. Take care of activities

Eating, drinking and talking is great, but hardly enough for the New Year party! If you are going to dance, make the playlist ahead. If there’s anything on TV you don’t want to miss, set the timer or alarm clock to the proper time. Some games (Twister and the like) are also a perfect alternative to sitting at the table. No extra purchases are required – even if you don’t have these games, some of your friends surely do. A New Year’s party is the right occasion to take them out of the closet!
Happy Frugal New Year!

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