How to combine old with new clothes?

old and new clothes

Although your wardrobe can be rich with clothes in various shades and you can have clothes for different occasions, there are times when you realize that those same garments are simply old or have been worn often. Shopping is always a good idea, right? It helps when you have a headache, it helps when you are angry and nervous or when you’re in a nice mood and you want that to last until the end of the day.

Sometimes the best decision is to look in your wardrobe, check your old clothes and decide what you really want to keep and what should be discarded. Once you finish the selection, prepare yourself for a useful and reasonable shopping (if you’ve already done so, please do not repeat this procedure if you want to protect your wallet from yourself).

Buy what you don’t have and what you really need

Don’t buy things you like instead of things you need. If you see a t-short or a blouse that would fit good with your jeans, buy it.

Try to always have new and clean shoes

Sometimes, it’s more than enough to wear a pair of unique high heels, sandals or sneakers. This will definitely contribute to your style; it will give it a thread of finesse.

Experiment! Half be sportish, half be elegant

Put on that old solid color shirt under the new jacket. Combine jeans and some old cotton tee with an elegant blazer or jacket. A classy pair of shoes will help you look perfect!

Details, details, details!

elegant accesories

A nice leather belt (it can be a waist belt too), an interesting ring or any other piece of jewelry is what always emphasizes your good taste in fashion and hides the old pieces of clothes. Do not forget; accessories can obscure the “not so lovely” clothing.

Do your hair and wear a chic bag

There are days when you don’t know what to wear. It’s OK. Find something modest and simple in your wardrobe, then make your hair look neat and shiny. A pony tail, a braid or side swept hairstyle is all you need…Oh, yep. You also need one chic bag. Choose a detailed bag or experiment with colors. Find a bag that will give a strong visual contrast to your simple style.

The most important…

“Walk like you have three men walking behind you.” — Oscar de la Renta

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