How to Read FDA Nutrition Label

Nutrition label reading


Calories play an important role in one’s diet. In assessing the advisable amount of calorie that you need to support your activities, there are several factors that you need to look at, such as age, height, current weight, and how active you are on a daily basis. These factors are essential to assess whether your calorie intake must be lowered or increased. You must also know what your goal is, like if you want to maintain your current weight or lose some pounds. Once you have finally assessed your goals and suggested calorie count, you can now plan your grocery list.

A typical man needs to have at least 2500 calories per day. For the woman, one should have 2000 calories. These figures will ensure that you will have ample source of energy and maintain your current rate.

Luckily, most products on the market can now be assessed how much calorie it can give you. Thank FDA for their nutrition label that can be usually found in the back area of the packaging. If you are unsure of how to read it, here’s a detailed guideline to help you track how much you eat to maintain good health.

On the top corner of the Nutrition Label, you will immediately see the serving size per packaging. This will help you assess how much you should just eat to receive the nutrition it provides.

FDA Nutrition label


On the second level, you will see the calories. This is computed per serving size, so you have to stick on the suggested serving so that you won’t go beyond the calories. If you have taken more than the serving size, you have to take note that you need to adjust a number of calories your next food will have so as to not gain weight.

The third level is comprised of different nutrients, such as Vitamin A and C, Calcium, Fat, and much more. On the right corner has the daily values. Take note that 5% and below is too little, while 15% and up are high. You have to make sure that you limit the amount of fat, cholesterol and sodium that you will get from the food. Vitamins should be of course more.

If you will purchase food from your grocery list that has bigger packaging, the footnote may be seen at the bottom part of the nutrition label. The amount provided below is based on a 2000 calorie diet. As mentioned on top, where a list of nutrients was added, the advisable amount of nutrients is now posted on the footnote.

Now that you know how to read the FDA nutrition label, carefully plan your grocery list so as to make sure that you are well-supported daily. Having the advisable amount of nutrients will keep you alert, active and healthy.

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