6 Ultimate Protein Sources for Those Who Are on a Vegan Diet

vegetarian protein sources

One of the reasons people choose to be vegetarians is their desire to improve their health by staying away from the toxins in pre-processed food, including meat dishes. A vegan diet is rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, it lets you eat enough carbs and does not actually limit fat intake. The only question that may be not so easy to answer is where to get the proper amount of protein, which is necessary to make your meals nutritiously balanced. However, things turn out much more optimistic than they may seem – we have found six protein-filled products that are real life-savers for vegetarians!


Beans are a great energy and protein source. Beans are a really universal food that pair well with almost everything – you can add them to salads, casseroles and soups, or cook them as a side dish. Besides, there are various types of beans – black beans, kidney beans, cannellini beans, black-eyed peas, pinto beans and others. You can vary and mix them as you wish!


Numbers speak for themselves: look at the grams of protein per cup of cooked quinoa! Seriously, quinoa can be considered a number one protein source in vegan meal plans. These tiny grains are rich in iron and magnesium, and are really delicious.


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Along with tempeh and other soy products, tofu is an outstanding protein source. There are many types of tofu available, but if you are mostly concerned about protein content, we’d recommend choosing the firmest (which means the most protein-full) tofu in the supermarket.


Lentils, like other beans, can be used for cooking of various vegetarian meals, which makes them popular among vegans. Do not forget to include them into your menu, if you have not done it yet!


Popeye the sailor was a smart guy, since he knew about the great benefits of spinach. Never miss a chance to treat yourself with this magic produce loaded with protein, that will strengthen your immune system as well. Another good thing about spinach is its reasonable price.


Chia is considered a superfood, for its a remarkable source of Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, calcium and protein. Chia seeds can be added to yogurt, muffins, pancakes, salads, etc.

No matter what diet plan your keep to, do your best to make your diet balanced – it will boost your energy and improve your health!

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