5 ways to cook chicken you’ve never heard about

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You have roasted it, baked it, boiled it, steamed it, skillet cooked it and each time you have enjoyed it! Yes, we are talking about good ol’ chicken – easy to make and delicious to eat. It’s one of those things you never tire of.

But that is no reason to not get creative with cooking chicken. Here are five new ways to cook your chicken that you have been missing out on all this time. So add chicken and the required spices to your grocery list right away and get down to trying each of these methods. Because once you try them, we assure you, you will get hooked on to them.

Beer can chicken

Clubbing beer and Chicken, genius isn’t it? Next time you are planning to impress a few friends with your cooking simply fire up the grill, open a beer can and insert it into the cavity of the whole chicken. Place it on the grill until the chicken gets cooked on the outside and inside. The result – a juicy, flavorful, finger licking good meal! Feel free to add you favorite spiced rub to the chicken if you are feeling experimental.

Using a brick

Cut your chicken into pieces and place each of them on the grill under a brick. The additional weight of the brick flattens the chicken, pushes out the fat and leaves you with delicious, crispy skinned, soft, moist meat. You won’t believe how great it tastes unless you try it for yourself.

Go the Indian way

Love chicken tikka masala? Other than the spices and the many ingredients that are added to the dish, one of the main aspects that makes the dish so distinct is the process of cooking it. It is made in a “Tandoor’ oven which is Indian style barbecuing Take a big clay or metal pot which can be tightly sealed. Burn charcoal or wood inside the dish and place the bird directly on top of the fire and seal it. The sealing creates an oven like atmosphere, while placing the chicken directly on fire develops a deep, smoky flavor.

Plank cooking

Shove aside the grill plate and place a plank instead. Add a layer of greens and veggies on the plank and place the chicken on top. The plank ensures even cooking and adds a unique flavor to your dish. The veggies add to a wholesome flavor and depth.

Creative chicken rubs

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One of the key ingredients to success while making a poultry dish is the rub. Move away from the standard salt and pepper spin and give your chicken dish a makeover with the right rub. Here are some unbelievably delicious rubs that will blow your mind away.

  • Hummus: Add 1 tsp paprika and some fresh basil/ parsley to one cup of your favorite hummus. Coat chicken with this rub, bake for 25 mins until it turns crispy and enjoy a scrumptious dish.
  • Harissa: If spicy is your thing, coat your chicken liberally with Harissa and a little salt and pepper. Your chicken will taste delicious and will get a glorious red hue too.
  • Paprika & Oregano: Flavor your bird with a sprinkle of paprika, add oregano and a generous layer of olive oil. You are all set for a crunchy delicious week night meal.
  • Yoghurt: Never underestimate the power of yoghurt to turn any dish into a fancy meal. Marinate your chicken in yoghurt mixed with spices of your choice for a few hours, bake and you are in for a treat!

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