How to Hint at The Gift You Really Want

Valentine's Day Gift

Flowers and a box of chocolates – that’s what expects most of us on February, 14. Doesn’t sound like fun, actually. Is there any way to stop this floral-confectionary tradition and drop an idea of some alternative gifts into the heads of our beloved ones? Well, we should confess that this not an easy task, but there are at least three delicate ways worth trying!

Make your hint look like an accident

If you have found some adorable item that you definitely want, try having him/her see it somehow. Straightforward “Oh, what a lovely watch!” may work, if your significant other has a good memory to remember an item seen just once for a few seconds. We’d suggest trying another way: a printed out image from the online shop, “accidentally” left in the printer. No words are required.

But please do not forget to look really surprised when receiving the gift. Your beloved one deserves it.

Use social nets power

Your likes, shares and reposts may tell so much about your wishes, especially when you deliberately use them for this purpose. Repost the item you want with a comment like “I’ve never seen anything so absolutely perfect” and get some of your friends involved in the discussion of the advantages of the thing you like.

This way will work if you are not crazy about liking and sharing lots of whatever stuff all the year round, though.

Valentine's Day Gift

Ask his friend for help

Hints work the best when they are clear and direct, and who can afford being more clear and direct than the best friend? He/she does not need to bother about proper words and does not run a risk of being too obvious. Ask him to “accidentally” initiate the talk about gifts for the occasion. After a short discussion of options and a couple of complaints about the pain of choosing gifts let him or her mention the thing you want. It may sound as follows: “I saw a cool thing online yesterday. That’s what I’d give to my girlfriend if I had one.” or “Have you seen these chokers all the girls are crazy about? Yours might like it too” .

To be on the safe side make the friend rehearse it with you first to avoid clumsy “Hey, buy your lady new perfume, wait, she’s put its name down on this napkin” situations.

Oh, one more piece of advice, if you don’t mind. Don’t forget to get a good gift for him. Maybe, he is trying to give you a hint, too?

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