Awesome Health Benefits of Carrot

carrot benefits

Carrots are popular vegetables that are found in almost every culture. It’s a really versatile vegetable that can be eaten raw, cooked or juiced, and it’s delicious no matter how you eat it. Apart from their shiny orange color, the thing that really shines about carrots is their health benefits. Carrots contain a huge amount of vitamin A and they also have adequate amount of vitamin C, D, E and K. They are also rich in fiber and supply minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. The nutrition that you get from a carrot results in a variety of health benefits, which are listed below.

Lowers Risk of Heart Diseases

Carrots contain a high amount of fiber, which could be the reason they lower cholesterol. They also increase bile production, which boosts the ability of your body to digest fat. This will help your digestive system to work properly and will have a good impact on your cholesterol level, which in turn lowers the risk of heart diseases.

Stops Memory Loss and Protects Brain

Beta-carotene in carrots prevents nervous system from aging fast. A Netherlands study found that people who ate the lowest amount of vegetables rich in beta-carotene showed thrice as much cognitive decline compared to those who ate the most. Carrots are also know to protect against Alzheimer’s disease.

Protects Against Cancer

The carotenoids present in carrots are associated with lower risk of cancer, particularly the lung cancer. Carrots might also protect against breast and colon cancer. A study showed that daily intake of carrot juice resulted in an increase in levels of protective antioxidants carotenoids in the blood. This reduced inflammation and oxidative stress, both of which are protective against cancer.

Maintains Oral Health

healthy food carrot

Carrots scrape off the plaque from your teeth just like a toothbrush. The minerals present in carrots are also known prevent tooth decay and cavities. Carrots also boost immunity because of the fiber content that is present in them. The fiber scrubs away all the unwanted bacteria in the gut, which eventually boosts immunity.

Improves Your Vision

Yes, carrots actually improve your vision! Vitamin A deficiency is the number one cause of preventable blindness throughout the world and carrots supply vitamin A in a large amount. The beta-carotene in carrots is converted into vitamin A in the liver. Without beta-carotene, macular degeneration and blindness can occur. The other two vital nutrients for eye health present in carrots are lutein and zeaxanthin. Both of these help in reducing age-related loss of vison.

These were some of the major health benefits that you can expect from a carrot. There are still a lot others that weren’t mentioned such as healthier skin, stroke prevention, strengthening bone health and averting diabetes. In a nutshell, carrots are healthy vegetables that we must have in our diet.

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